The Ultimate All In One Non-alcoholic Sanitizer & Disinfectant Solution

Finally a solution developed to become best friends and defender of all skin types and surfaces without the unfriendly smell to go with it!

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Do you think our homes and businesses are protected?

Our Mission

Feeling Safe In Your Space

We wanted to bring people a product that would kill germs and not your skin. We wanted a product that people could use on all types of surfaces and adaptable to your lifestyle and not the other way around.

With the ultimate all in one disinfectant for your day to day life, our long lasting formula helps you feel safe in your space, whether you're in your bubble or outside of it.

What Customers Are Saying

I recently ordered the hand sanitizer & multi-surface spray looking for an alternate solution then using Alcohol. I cant say enough on how impressed i am in the quality of the product and the peace of mind it brings me to know how effective the solution is once applied and that it is pet friendly as well. I will definitely be back for more, keep up the great work BOLDGUARD!


It’s no secret that the pandemic has upended most of our regular routines and life’s simple pleasures, including our kid’s sports activities. Football practice has been a challenge for my son with the lack of indoor facilities.  I decided to convert our unfinished basement into a practice pitch of sorts...He’s been down there everyday religiously doing drills and dedicating himself to his craft, but the concrete floor has been really slippery and annoying for him.  Enter Boldguard AntiSlip...this product is simply awesome.  I followed the directions and he’s now got a grippy concrete floor to play on...he commented on how great it is that he’s not slipping when trying to do his drills and tricks.  He wishes the Futsal gyms had this kind of grip too.  I have a happy 13year old putting his bottomless reserves of energy into his sport which unfortunately has been put on hold.  I’m happy I found Boldguard anti-slip.  A great product!!


I couldn't be more happy to find Boldguard sanitizer. The quality of the product is unheard of and the fact it is protecting me skin for long period of times provides me the confidence i am always protect when i am outside my bubble.


Caring For Our communities

Giving Back Is Our Duty

BOLDGUARD stands for a healthier and safer community for a better today & tomorrow. A key part of our mission is to be able to give back to the communities that surround us. We believe everyone should have access to products that will help them feel safe in their space at home or out in their community. Thats why BOLDGUARD supports different home & pet shelters to help ensure everyone & everything is feeling safe in their space. For every 12 bottles of BOLDGUARD solution purchased BOLDGUARD will then distribute a standard case to a local home or pet shelter in return.

Together we can accomplish anything!! #GIVEBACK